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Struggling with weight loss? The opposite is what steered me to creating this site. Being an adoptive parent, a child with A.S.D. who was born at 28 ounces being a premature baby.

She was underdeveloped born with GERD, I know seems like only people up in their age have GERD. Every time they would feed her it would come back up. Afraid that she would drown in her vomit. Which ended up putting in a feeding tube, which she had for 7 years plus.

So now we have a hard time getting her to eat. She still drinks the fluid that kept her alive  everyday. So that is what inspired this site.  What a task it is just for the sake of eating.

Which by the way I really enjoy the taste of good cooking! It has changed our eating habits as well. Surely not like it was in the past!!!

I hope this site will help someone who has troubles with putting on or taking weight off.

With the young lady not eating meat or much of anything put a whole new look on the way of eating and preparing food so all could enjoy!!!